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Oracle Workshop | Diane Farnsworth

Ancestral Oracle Healing Workshop

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Greetings Spiritual Astronauts,

As a spiritual traveller steering through life on this beautiful planet, I’ve discovered that it’s a hell of a lot easier navigating through traffic with ancestral support as your trusty GPS. You know how comfortable and safe it feels to be part of a community?  Well, our ancestors are also our community…our invisible community.

Okay, you may say “Sure Diane, easy to say, but how do I communicate with my dead ancestors?” 

Alright, alright, your ancestors may not bake you bread or send you birthday money, but there are miraculous ways they collaborate with you through the folks and animals around you.  Suddenly a neighbour drops off a loaf of bread, reminding you of Grandma’s sourdough bread you were just hankering. This collaboration works through even your grumpiest neighbour sometimes. I kid you not.

Have you ever told a story about an ancestor and soon after, an element of that story materialized? Maybe it was about Herb, your great uncle and his orange dog, Tangerine who you played with as a child… then out of nowhere an identical orange dog comes into your life!  Don’t you think your great uncle heard you and wanted to send love and comfort…the same feeling you’d received as a child rolling around with Tangerine?  Such belonging.  Such bliss.

When we work with our ancestors, asking for support or requesting a sign, we need to trust and allow them to perform their magic without getting in their damn way!  Many of us are self-sabotaging artists…we have made an art out of distrusting our instincts and that is an intuition-killer.  Really.

Working creatively and open-heartedly is key in my experience.  And yes, sometimes our pesky shadow side is lurking around the corner, poised to pounce when our guards are down, but we are human, right?  When our hearts are more open, it’s so much easier to catch our sneaky shadow before it buries us…and give it love. “I love you even if you’re a shit-head, now tell me what you need so I can carry on with my day!” 

And that brings me to one of the reasons I have developed these ancestral healing workshops. To teach folks to heal the trauma they unconsciously carry for their ancestors.

Public Announcement: Our ancestors don’t want us to suffer from the trauma they experienced in their lives…they want us to be happy and healthy!

About 8 years ago, I had a client whose trauma didn’t make much sense to either of us because she was way too young to experience the kind of suffering that she was experiencing. Having read a few articles on ancestral trauma prior to working with her, I asked whether what she was feeling could be someone else’s trauma from her family, (inter-generational trauma), which alters how the gene functions, (epigenetic change).

It was confirmed when she told me about her grandmother who had been imprisoned in Russia during World War II.  Her discovery of carrying her grandma’s trauma was the beginning of her healing journey.

It is from witnessing my former client’s healing from a therapist’s perspective that catapulted me into researching this phenomenon; at that time Epigenetics was a new science so there were fewer articles available.  Over the last ten years, there have been countless cases of ancestral trauma for many folks from cultural communities who have suffered from colonization and genocide and continue to suffer from racism in their own lives on top of their inter-generational trauma.

(Dr Candice Jones on Inter-generational Trauma- Watch video on YouTube)

After studying with spiritual teacher and psychotherapist, Corin Grillo, I was inspired to develop a series of expressive arts – intuitive based workshops for ancestral communing and healing.  In 2023 I asked my niece, Jenny Craig, who is also an expressive arts therapist, to assist in facilitating in-person workshops.  These first ancestral communing workshops took place between October and November 2023 in Vancouver, BC.

Since facilitating the workshops in person, it became apparent that this series of online ancestral healing workshops were essential for all to access.

This workshop is both expressive arts based and intuitive based. Through meditation, working with collage, channelling, writing, exercises and rituals, you will gain a better understanding of your ancestors which will create a closer relationship with them and with yourself. Your ancestors will thank you!

The first workshop will be from 12:00 to 3:00 pm Pacific on August 31st.


  • links for cool images for your oracle cards
  • links with other resources
  • exercises & rituals
  • YOUR creations to work with later
  • after workshop devotional prayers

The workshop cost is $59.00 US, AND…for the first 7 folks the early bird cost is $44.00 US!

All the bells, whistles and gizmos for registration will be up shortly. Please let me know if you would like to register before the system is in place so you can score the early birdie rate. Just send an email using the contact form and check the “Yes” box.

I am so excited to share this work with you! It is both creative and sacred to me and to the folks who have participated in-person.

Love Diane ox